Our Vision

RAVI's vision is to unlock the vast potential of rural Africa for creating wealth for its people.

Base-of-the-Pyramid ventures of rural entrepreneurs
can offer investment opportunities that deliver sustained
profitability, ecological stability and social equitability.

RAVI is at the forefront of creating the keys to
unlock rural Africa's potential.

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RAVI's values are derived from the fact that rural Africa is highly complex and dynamic.

There can be no blueprints and business plans for rural Africans to adopt and follow. In order to unlock Africa's potential, the ideas and experiences of rural African entrepreneurs are critically important. It's for rural entrepreneurs to figure out what works and what doesn't and how new technologies from outside can be successfully made to work in their ventures.

RAVI is a pioneer in learning exchange mechanisms among rural entrepreneurs.

RAVI identifies, explores and builds business ventures in rural Africa by, for and with rural Africans.

We do this through close involvement in business ventures on the ground in villages and rural markets, carefully coaching them through pilot efforts to the point where they can absorb loans and/or equity investments. This requires a high level of innovation in the complex rural setting. For this reason RAVI coaches rural entrepreneurs to actively exchange their experiences in order to explore and learn from each other what works and what doesn't.

RAVI is a unique 'incubator' company for rural African ventures.

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