Stories 2013

These stories capture the experiences of local learners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in 2013.


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Beatrice Obara; Sourcing Cotton in Nyanza, Kenya

Fair Trade Enterprises; 2013

Bonde Soko Service; Status Update 2013

Agri-Livestock Green Energy Initiative

Elite Agro Services; 2013 Status Update

Kenyan Blog


Network Status; Ruralnet Kenya 2013

John Patrick Olara, Network Coordinator in Kole and Oyam, Northern Uganda

My Networks in Eastern and Northern Uganda, 2013

Tonny Okech: My Network in Northern Uganda, 2013

AgriNet TSS Network Moving Forward in 2013

Ugandan Blog


Transport Issues; a maize deal in Tanzania

A New Network Manager in Tanzania

Southern Highlands’ Biashara Mapema; 2013 Network Update