Stories 2012

These stories capture the experiences of local learners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in 2012.


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Farmers Lack Discipline in First SHOMAP Deal Trial

Injured Cow Causes Losses for Cattle Deal

Challenges with Loan Repayments for Cotton Seeds

Ahero Rice Farmers Linked to Market

Runaway Agent Sought By Maasai Community

Outstanding COB Loan due to Bankrupt Buyer

Hard Lessons Learned from Ruralnet Rice Deal in Mwea

Confusion on Pricing leads to COB loss on Cattle Deal BR11-2124


Sorghum Deal Suffers from Transport Problems by Jacinta Namubiru

Catching a Conman

Learning from Two Problem Rice Deals in Uganda

Learning from Two Problem Rice Deals in Uganda

AgriNet’s Market Intelligence Service 2012

AgriNet Provides Transparent Marketing System for Ecomax

Learned from a Maize Deal from Dokolo


COB Loss on Maize Deal

Business Unusual; a Deal from Rural Tanzania to Dar es Salaam