Stories 2010

These stories capture the experiences of local learners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in 2010.


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Keek’Onyokie MAC Provides Training Opportunities for Maasai Network

Challenges in Providing a Marketing Service for the Livestock from the Kilimanjaro Heartlands

Bringing Transaction Security to the Southern Rift Livestock Chain

Training and Capacity Building for the Livestock Chain

Working as a Transaction Security Service Agent in Kakamega by Oscar Lumiti

Learning the Ropes; Following the Supply Chain for the Nakuru-Soroti Cross Border Trials by Moses Gichuru

AgriTrade Maasai Livestock Network, Southern Rift, Kenya; developments in 2009


Seven Tons of Beans Stolen through Trickery in Kampala

Building a Network in Northern Uganda

AgriNet; Training a Growing Network

AgriNet Trains Organisations on TSS Management

Credit Where Credit is Due

Lessons Learned as Deal Falls Through by Paul Nyende

Market Linkage for the Bulumbi Farmers’ Network, Tororo by Jacinta Namubir

AgriNet Brokers Supply of Day Old Chicks by Jacinta Namubiru

Risky Business: The Need for a Transaction Security Service by Paul Nyende

A New Market Found for Teso farmers through the Rural Marketing Network by Paul Ariko and William Olir

Marketing AgriNet’s Services by Sarah Mayanja

Marketing work at Excel Hort Consult, AgriNet's partner in Kabale, Western Uganda by Rose Atukwatse

AgriNet, a Marketing Partner for NGOs in Busia in Soya Bean Production by Paul Nyende


The Struggle to get Farmers a Fair Price

Southern Highlands, Tanzania Establishes Marketing Link with Congo

Risks of Non-payment; Two Examples of Hard Lessons Learned

An Auction Success; Promoting a Service and Winning Trust by Bahat Tweve