Stories 2009

These stories capture the experiences of local learners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in 2009.


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Nairobi Information Board Managers form Biashara Mapema, a new Market Access Company by Samuel Mugo

The Nakuru Market Access Network by Moses Gichuru

Improved Earnings through the Information Board Management Business, by Moses Gichuru

Challenges with a RAVI loan and Hard Lessons Learned about Deal Making by Susan Nduku

The Importance of RAVI Loans for AgriTrade Western Region by Solomon Mulindi

Market Intelligence Managers; Providing a Rural CommunicationNetwork in East Africa

Nakuru IBM Arranges Trade of Oranges from Tanzania by Elijah Kinyanjui

An SMS Dairy Cattle Sourcing Network in Western Kenya by Solomon Mulindi

Kicking the Chicken! by Solomon Mulindi

Better market links for Horticulturalists through Allaken by James Kanyi

Allaken’s Information Board Network by James Kanyi

Allaken’s Computer Department in Full Swing by Mary Wachira

AgriTrade, Nakuru Network by Moses Gichuru

Managing IBs in the Nairobi Markets by Samuel Mugo

Observations on the 2008 Trade Fairs & Regional Bus Convention by Annastacia Kiio

Yanse Services Market Access Company, Busia, Kenya by Susan Nduku

An Interview with Vimal Shah, BIDCO, Nakuru, Kenya


AgriNet Expands its Information Board Network in the Tororo, Busia and Mbale areas by Paul Nyende and Jacinta Namubiru

Experience in Hoima, Uganda with Forward Contract Farming of Soya Bean for AgriNet by Grace Nalukwago

AgriNet Information Board Managers run Solar Charging Stations in Uganda by Ronald Ssesanga

AgriNet pays ‘Cash on the Chick’ by Paul Nyende

Managing a Market Intelligence Platform and Database; Experience at AgriNet U Ltd by Gertrude Nakakeeto

Lira MAC Network and Market Auctions to Provide Market Linkage by JP Opio and Leo Odongo

Information Boards at the Kampala Markets by Eva Kabejja Luwerekera

Successful Deals and a Developing Network for Hoima by Grace Ntume and Paul Nyende

A White Elephant or an Important Link to the market By Paul Nyende, Gaudesius Opio and William Olir

AgriNet U Ltd Network Links Budaka FFS Network with Nasava Feeds by Paul Nyende

AgriFeeds a Spin-off Business for AgriNet Uganda Ltd by Paul Nyende


Sunflower Oil Marketing Through KIRSEC by Anna Farahani and Juma Mbwambo

The Arusha Network Links with Nairobi MAC ‘Biashara Mapema’ at the Dodoma Trade Fair by the Arusha Network members and Samuel Mugo of Biashara Mapema

The Arusha MAC and the Moringa Network, Tanzania

An Auction for Finger Millet in the Southern Highlands, Tanzania by Bahat Tweve

Exploring Product Marketing through the Rural Marketing Network in Tanzania, by Charles Manang

The Southern Highlands’ Network in Tanzania, and the Potato Double Loop supply to Dar es Salaam