Insights 2008
Insights 2008

Insights emerge from the lessons we learn through local experiences in supporting pro-poor business development.

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Milestones in the Emergence of a Market Access Company Public funds are more likely to be effective when a clear set of milestones for commercial services are followed.

B2B Collaboration for Sustaining Small Farmer Market Access All players in the market chain want secure transactions for their produce and their payments. The business to business model presented is a search for ‘win-win’ solutions between many inter-dependent small businesses.

New Food Shortages, Old Development Insights and the Need for Transaction Security Partnerships between the public and private sectors for a national common venture in transaction security are needed fast, otherwise today’s food shortage will be tomorrows crisis. AMSDP has shown a way forward but it is ending next year. There will be no bumper harvests in Tanzania unless a correctly constructed and resourced private public partnership is developed for transaction security in agricultural marketing.

The Need for Market Reform Now. Marketing must be reformed and governments must step up to the challenges. The challenge is joint investment by public and private sectors. The challenge is public policy and private self regulation. Building market services that offer fair trade to all, are trusted, durable, reliable and that can operate at scale in a business where margins must necessarily be low is going to take a lot of money and a lot of time. Investing in a large scale operation thatís trading fairly with small farmers, is reliable and can endure the inevitable droughts is not for those who seek a fast return.