Insights 2007
Insights 2007

Insights emerge from the lessons we learn through local experiences in supporting pro-poor business development.

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Operational Strategy for improving market links Over the next two years the local learners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania will test their operational strategy for improving small farmer links to markets.

Online mentoring RAVI style After face–to–face exchanges mentors keep the learning agenda moving by prompting for ideas and experiences, refocusing the discussions and debates.

Learning agenda on operating Market Access Companies RAVI groups will now be exploring how to set up Market Access Companies in around forty districts in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The learning agenda includes how to: use Market Information Boards; broker deals and develop income streams.

Learning agenda for technical support to MACs Small, isolated, rural Market Access Companies need support from many different service providers at the national level to establish and run profitable businesses.

Market access services go commercial To ensure continued flow of benefits to farmers from better access to markets, local market access services need to be commercially operated.