Insights 2006
Insights 2006

Insights emerge from the lessons we learn through local experiences in supporting pro-poor business development.

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Status and Achievements of LLL Who are the learners, what practices are they improving and what are the achievements so far?

Ideas on commercialization of services A new paradigm for sustaining agricultural services.

Learning topics on improving marketing Learning challenges of farmer associations and service providers.

Local expressions on impacts of learning Interviews with participants of the First Mile project on marketing changes

Impact on the ground from market access Increases in volume of crops marketed.

How impact was achieved The roles of the district core groups and what they did.

Key factors for successful marketing Institutions to develop, behaviour changes to promote and development to support.

Lessons and challenges in rural knowledge management Rural knowledge management pays off, nearly two million dollars was the reported increase in turn over from seven districts in Tanzania in one season.

Progressive policies for sustainable market development Support for: bottom up farmer rganizations; reliable connectivity; learning opportunities for marketing skills; commercial Rural Service Companies and National Company to support local market service companies.