Insights 2005
Insights 2005

Insights emerge from the lessons we learn through local experiences in supporting pro-poor business development.

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Getting started The Linked Local Learning programme on Demand Driven Services is started.

Organisation of learning How learners organized themselves first at the local level.

The local learners The history of the local groups.

Internet Communication Practice How communicating between local groups stimulates innovation.

The learning topics 12 learning topics were identified.

Achievements of Users The assessment of experience with RAVI.

Insights on employment and empowerment Evidence of empowerment is clear.

Fostering Demand Driven Services Local practice in this programme is built on long years of experience of farmers and service providers in service delivery.

Insights on Effective Use of Public Funds Learning not only builds capacity it also results in better ways of working in the field.

User Assessment of LLL Farmers assisted to improve their discussion of demand.

Longer term sustainability of LLL Recommitment to another year of learning through LLL.